USA Risk Group of Vermont


USA Risk Group is the 3rd largest captive manager in Vermont with 40 captives under management.

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Captive Management

With a captive or risk retention group, you stabilize coverage for your specific exposures while participating in the underwriting profit and investment income. In addition, you control the processing of claims, have flexibility with policy provisions, and gain special cash flow advantages. With expert implementation and management, a captive or risk retention group gives you an excellent tool to help manage risk and control costs.

The captive management team at USA Risk Group is uniquely qualified to help you form and utilize a captive or RRG. We offer both setup (formation/licensing) and ongoing services.

The formation and licensing process comprises two elements: the structuring of the captive and application for admission to the state of domicile. Services we provide are as follows:

  • Assess and discuss the viability of a captive or risk retention group.
  • Assist in formation, incorporation, and licensing of a captive or risk retention group.
  • Prepare, submit, and monitor application to domiciliary regulators.
  • Identify service providers, such as auditors, actuaries, attorneys, and bankers, and act as a liaison with them and with regulatory authorities.
  • Advise on domicile alternatives, captive structure, retention levels, and capitalization.
  • Assist with fronting arrangements, as well as reinsurance and excess insurance placements.
  • Access both brokered and direct reinsurance markets.
  • Establish investment management guidelines and monitor performance.
  • Design and implement client-oriented accounting and insurance recordkeeping, control, and reporting procedures.

Ongoing Services
After your captive or risk retention group is established, we ensure its continued success with these ongoing management services:

  • Ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.
  • Prepare regulatory financial reports, including annual and quarterly statements.
  • Provide a home office and a local director, if required.
  • Maintain all required accounting and other supporting records.
  • Prepare financial statements for company management.
  • Provide cash management services.
  • Prepare policy documentation.
  • Review and submit client business plan changes.
  • Prepare premium tax returns and other required filings.
  • Produce periodic and statutory financial statements and underwriting, statistical, and management reports.
  • Arrange and coordinate Directors’ and Shareholders’ meetings, and prepare all meeting materials.

Location: Barre,, VT, United States

Types of Insurance

Captives and Rent-a-Captives:

  • Captive Managers
  • Consultants