• Diverse Coverage Expansion for Captive Insurers in 2024
    02 Jul 2024

    This article looks at how diversification in the captive insurance market is reshaping the landscape of risk management, enhancing cost efficiency, and offering greater control over claims processes.

  • SIM releases first video guide to Self-Insurance
    11 May 2023

    We have today released our first AI Avatar video guide for the self-insurance sector.

  • Captive Insurance
    10 Oct 2022

    What is captive insurance? A "captive insurer" is an insurance company that is owned and controlled by the company or the people it insures.

  • Development Update
    21 Sep 2022

    We are currently in the last stages of finalizing our new provider listings.

  • Site Upgrade Update
    06 Sep 2022

    How our new home page will be more user friendly.

  • Site Amends
    31 Aug 2022

    Development Update

  • Upcoming New Individual Membership Category
    26 Aug 2022

    We will shortly be announcing a new individual category of membership which will allow any specialist in the alternative risk sector to create an individual listing.

  • New Beginnings
    26 Jul 2022

    With lockdown now behind us and things (almost ) starting to return to normal, our focus is now on growing our platform to make it the leading alternative risk introductory service.