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Guernsey sees 93 new captives and cells in 2016

Captive Insurance Times | 10 Mar 2017

Guernsey welcomed 82 new cells and 11 captives in 2016. Of the total 93 additions, six were captive insurance entities, four were protected cell companies (PCC), 76 were PCC cells, one was ...

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Captives ‘exempt’ from New York cyber rules

Captive Insurance Times | 8 Mar 2017

Captive insurance companies are ‘exempt’ from the new cyber security regulation that came into effect in New York on 1 March. The new regulation requires financial institutions ...

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HK to become ‘world class’ captive domicile by 2020

Captive Insurance Times | 3 Mar 2017

Hong Kong will become a “world class and leading captive domicile by 2020 with the aim of over five to 10 captives licensed per year and 50 total captives by 2025,” according to the Hon...

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Self-insurance group asks Congress for stop-loss help

Life Health Pro | 2 Mar 2017

The Self-Insurance Institute of America hopes a new presidential administration will help it get the third version of a stop-loss defense measure signed into law....

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Latin America: Time for a captive boom?

Captive Insurance Times | 3 Mar 2017

Regulatory reforms are sweeping Latin America and, according to Daniel Message and James Bulkowski of EY, they are changing the insurance industry in the process...

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Self-funding is a viable strategy for more and more employers

Smart Business | 1 Mar 2017

Almost every employer that offers a group health benefit program is searching for methods to lower the company’s spending. To cut health insurance spending, employers can modify plan designs,...

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Arkansas to expand captive law

Captive Insurance Times | 27 Mar 2017

The Arkansas House of Representatives has passed a captive bill that proposes to revise certain provisions related to the formation and operation of captive insurance companies....

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Huge Savings From State Self-Insurance

Urban Milwaukee | 21 Feb 2017

For the Republican legislators looking for $300 million in the 2017-2019 state budget for road building, there’s a ready solution....

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Bermuda captive industry targets US markets

Captive Insurance Times | 20 Feb 2017

Captive insurance experts in Bermuda are set to host a forum in the US to promote and highlight the advantages of Bermuda as a captive domicile....

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Walker defends self-insurance proposal

WSAU | 15 Feb 2017

MADISON, WI - Governor Scott Walker is defending his proposal to move state employees to a self-insurance system....

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