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Taylor-Walker Consulting, LLC is an actuarial consulting firm dedicated to customer service. Our mission is to provide clients with the expertise of a large firm while maintaining the one-on-one advantage of the smaller firm.

Company Details

Saving you money, and completing projects in a timely manner is not just a goal, but a promise.

Taylor-Walker Consulting, LLC. has provided actuarial and regulatory services since 1984. Led by Mr. Scott Garduno, FSA, MAAA, Managing Member, our consulting actuaries, a marketing specialist, and various other administrative personnel are committed to high-quality service. With a smaller company comes agility, allowing us to keep the same specialists dedicated to your account. One of the biggest advantages is that we spend more time getting tasks done and you spend less time explaining the project to a continually changing group of individuals.


Taylor-Walker meets the qualifications for conducting independent actuarial reviews of captive insurance and risk retention group (RRG) applications, and for reviewing actuarial reports and statements of opinion in conjunction with captive insurance and RRG examinations.

We have reviewed applications, actuarial reports, and statements of opinion for all types of captive insurance companies including pure captives, group or association captives, special purpose financial (XXX) captives, sponsored captives, risk retention groups, branch captives, and industrial insured captives.  We provide feasibility, reserve, and rate studies to captive insurance companies and RRG's. 

Our personnel are familiar with federal and NAIC insurance laws and regulations; and have a broad range of actuarial and business expertise.

We have experience and expertise in evaluating property and casualty loss and LAE reserves and premium rates; and we maintain the highest professional standards. We consult in most property and casualty lines including automobile liability and physical damage, general liability, professional liability, products liability, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, and commercial multiple peril; as well as in health insurance areas.

We have prepared numerous actuarial opinions and reports, and we are able to clearly communicate actuarial principles to non-actuaries.

We regularly evaluate capital and surplus levels; coverages, retentions, and premium volume; premium and loss projections; plans of operation; amounts and types of reinsurance coverages; and pro-forma financial statements of captive insurance companies and RRGs.

Taylor-Walker Consulting, LLC are approved actuaries in, and have reviewed captive and RRG applications and feasibility studies for the following states:


Alabama Department of Insurance
Arizona Department of Insurance
Delaware Department of Insurance
District of Columbia Department of Insurance
Hawaii Division of Insurance
Kentucky Office of Insurance
Montana Department of Insurance
Missouri Insurance Department
Nevada Division of Insurance
South Carolina Insurance Department
Utah Department of Insurance
Vermont Insurance Division

We are also approved in the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to our work for state insurance regulators, we consult with insurance companies and self-funded entities. In life and accident and health insurance areas, we calculate and opine on reserves for life and health insurers, and administrative health plans. We also conduct annual premium rating and experience accounting analyses, prepare financial and reserve analyses, and recommend funding levels for self-insured groups.

In property and casualty areas, we conduct quarterly and year-end reserve analyses, captive feasibility studies, and various underwriting and rate making analyses; and prepare actuarial opinions and reports for self-funded pools and groups, and management companies.

Location: Midvale, UT, United States

Types of Insurance

Captives and Rent-a-Captives:

  • Consultants
  • Actuarial Services

Risk Retention Groups (USA):

  • Actuarial Services