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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

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Are you tired of health insurance rate increases you don't understand? 
Have you tried traditional cost control measures like "wellness" programs and increasing co-pays and deductibles? 
Maybe even moved to a high-deductible health plan? 
If these measures are still not bringing the desired results, you should contact me.

With 25+ years in the Employee Benefits space, I can assure you my experience doesn't get in the way of thinking outside the box in this Transformative time in the Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Landscape.

In fact "we threw THE BOX AWAY!"    The box is broken and has been broken for some time.   It's TIME to build a NEW BOX!

We are an agency specializing in working with Employers that truly care about their Employees, but recognize the need for creative solutions that help bend the trend on rising health insurance premiums and at the same time, increase employee satisfaction with the benefits package we are all paying a lot of money for. We can show you how.