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Roundstone’s mission is to create and manage turnkey insurance solutions which are transparent, flexible and cost effective, delivered in partnership with our clients’ trusted advisors.

Location: Westlake, 44145, United States

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Captives and Rent-a-Captives:

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Captive Management Services

Roundstone delivers on its promise of speed to market, transparency and expertise through a consistent and thorough approach to establishing a captive facility. Our process includes a review of your business objectives along with our candid assessment of the captive program’s likelihood of success under today’s market conditions. 

There is no hidden agenda as Roundstone is paid when the captive facility is functioning with premium and not before. Roundstone makes no secret of what works and in fact, publishes its underwriting guidelines which detail the necessary characteristics of a successful captive program.Click here for a copy. 

Roundstone personnel offer the captive owner the benefit of many years of successful, hands-on captive program development with a turnkey approach. 

Roundstone manages the captives directly with its own employees and no third party delegation of responsibility or answers. Once the captive facility is developed, each captive receives the attention of a dedicated captive manager responsible for all activities of the new entity. Accountability is clear and efficiency is guaranteed. 

Roundstone’s hands on management enables the timely preparation of financial reporting for all captive programs. Transparency is enhanced through access to customized or ad-hoc reporting at the captive owner’s request. Reporting to regulatory authorities is likewise performed by Roundstone personnel without undue burden on the captive owner. 

Quarterly reporting delivers consistent review of the captive’s operations. Objectives are identified and benchmarks are monitored. 

Insurance Managers
Large or small, insurance entities present complex challenges. Roundstone delivers a professional insurance management team to each captive owner. There is no need for a new captive participant to learn on the go and suffer costly insurance management lessons. You have ready access to personnel with experience in areas of insurance regulation, audit, banking, reinsurance, claims, distribution, accounting, policy management, underwriting and marketing.

Established Captive Facility
In 2003, after more than two years of thoughtful analysis and detailed diligence, Roundstone Insurance, Ltd. was established as a rent-a-captive facility. The best legal, audit, financial and regulatory expertise was engaged to establish a well capitalized insurance facility that could serve as the platform to deliver best in class captive insurance solutions. No small amount of time or expense was incurred and today this significant investment enables Roundstone’s customers to access a premier captive insurance facility in a fraction of the standard time and cost.

Track Record
This is not Roundstone’s first time at the rodeo. Our track record offers priceless experience in assuring a successful captive solution. Whether viewed from a premium volume, underwriting margin, expense management or market innovation perspective, Roundstone has delivered time and time again. Whether it’s our compensation structure that bypasses upfront consulting fees or the experience of doing it many times before, a track record of success is one of Roundstone’s greatest resources.

Achieve Control and Maintain Stability

Control Over the Entire Enterprise Risk Management Process
You call the shots. A captive insurance program gives you the power to coordinate and improve your risk management program, turning it into a viable profit center for your business.

Captive insurance offers flexibility in policy design and coverage, premium payment timing and claims handling.

Price & Underwriting Stability in Hard Markets
A captive insurance program can help protect you against market volatility and make your insurances costs more predictable.

Control Claims
You dictate your claims handling procedures, cutting down on the red tape. The entire process will be streamlined and optimized. 

Minimize Costs, Improve Cash Flow, & Create a Profit Center

Lower Risk Financing Costs
Capitalization costs for a captive are significantly lower than those of a conventional insurer. Combined with a reduction in premiums and potential tax benefits, captives can smooth overall risk financing costs over time.

Manage Cash Flow/Recapture Investment Income
Match revenue and expense by reserving from current funds for future claims. Plus, captives make it possible for you to retain underwriting and investment income.

Write Unrelated Risks for Profit/Cover Strategic Partners
Captives can be used to insure the risks of third parties, such as customers, suppliers, or distributors, for additional profit.

Access Reinsurance & Customized Coverage

Access to Reinsurance
Get access to coverage at rates typically available only to insurance companies. Reinsurance markets can also provide additional capacity and more limits of coverage.

Provision of Coverage not Otherwise Available in Marketplace
When the commercial market is unable to cover certain risks for a reasonable cost, your business can insure such risks through a captive.

Customized Coverage
Captive insurance is ideal for customizing coverage for your particular business, as well as non-traditional coverage.

Improved Risk & Business Management Strategies

Improve Risk Management Strategy
When you transfer your risk to a captive, you protect your operating budget and provide a stable financing mechanism for selected risks. Plus, you can use Roundstone’s extensive expertise to improve risk management throughout your entire organization.

Corporate Compliance
Participation in a captive means more than aggressive claims management. Successful captive participants avoid claims altogether by enacting rigorous corporate compliance programs. 

Grow Your Business

Strengthen Association Size and Membership
By offering incentives in the form of lower costs and greater stability, you can bring in new members with similar exposures and broaden your member base.

Agency Growth
Just like the carrier, the agency captive earns underwriting and investment income. We can help you set up a large, profitable book of business that gives you a bigger share of the profits than business you place in the traditional markets.

Create a Niche
A captive facility enables a broker to build a unique and uncommon book of business. Create your own niche with a captive.