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We offer a fully integrated and comprehensive service to clients. Our international team is handpicked for their understanding of and passion for mutuality, coupled with the calibre of their technical and professional skills.

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

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Mutuality has never been more relevant, important or scalable than it is today.

Established in 2007, Regis provides a complete outsourced management service for its growing portfolio of international partners, from establishing mutuals through to claims handling, and has a dedicated mutual service centre.

Mutuals operate as businesses just as other companies do. What makes mutuals stand out are their values and member focus and it is these values that make them more trusted by those who use them.

The Regis management team applies financial discipline to the management of a mutual so it can operate efficiently solely in the interests of its members – delivering not just better products, but innovative solutions from an organisation that operates and conducts itself in a different fashion. The ethos of mutuality has never been more relevant than it is today and this is good news for anyone that wants to see greater diversity and true choice in the financial services sector. 

Regis offers a fully integrated and comprehensive service to clients from set up to claims handling.

Everyone in our international team is handpicked for their understanding of and passion for mutuality, coupled with the calibre of their technical and professional skills. The outcome is expertise powered by belief in the essence of mutuality.

Our mutual management services include the following:


First steps matter. Some may be daunted by the seemingly complex prospect of setting up and running a mutual. We offer comprehensive planning and strategy services that integrate the key financial, legal, regulatory and operational factors within a single, seamless plan. Our track record for successfully setting up mutuals is important here.

Paul Koronka, CEO of Regis Mutual Management has masterminded the creation of a number of mutuals in the UK and Australia, spanning a range of sectors. This work has expanded the global footprint of mutuality and delivered value for many thousands of members. Regis is currently working on the launch of a number of new mutuals that will bring the mutual ethos to new communities.


Regis has a highly experienced financial team that handles this work to give support and comfort to the Boards of our Mutuals. Our work here is led by Regis CFO Ciaran O’Donnell. Disciplined financial management and controls are supported by regular reporting to each Mutual Board of Directors as well as to management.


The members who collectively own their mutual all have a say and a stake in their mutual. The processes and planning involved in how a mutual communicates, gathers and shares information are therefore vital. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field.

Paul Ames, the COO of Regis, and his team have the technical expertise to ensure things happen on time and in the right way. The team enables us to be technically innovative to ensure the best service is consistently delivered to the Mutuals’ members.


At Regis, we have state of the art IT solutions for the Mutuals we manage. Our staff are constantly seeking to upgrade our systems to enable us to not only provide our Mutuals with tailor-made products but also to give members friendly, efficient and professional service.


Mutuals serve communities. They are ideal solutions for groups of people, businesses and organisations with shared interests and needs – a group where there is a natural bond through shared risk or shared circumstances.

As a result, products and services need to be tailored to help the members of these groups, who often find standard financial or technical solutions inappropriate. Our dedicated teams of underwriters, actuaries and marketing professionals create solutions that are purpose-built and appropriate for each Mutual.


Regis has a communications and marketing department that can help you to reach members and explain the benefits of products and services. We can provide a fully outsourced solution or support a client’s existing communications and links.


We have claims handling guidelines to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and procedures. Claims handling is monitored through open and closed file audits and during the payment stage process. Our compliance team and our lawyers ensure up to date legislation and procedural awareness.

The Regis claims team are recruited from the markets our Mutuals work in; they not only handle claims with professionalism but also have the knowledge of what is important to members.


Each Regis Mutual has a designated Mutual Manager appointed from the Regis team. The Mutual Manager provides the link between the Mutual and each of the functions we carry out for the Mutual. The manager ensures that each function has the information necessary to carry out its tasks and that the tasks are performed to allow the Mutual to flourish. We provide a full corporate and governance service for our Mutuals.


The agendas for these meetings are carefully compiled by Regis and are comprehensive.

They are distributed a week before each Board meeting. Regis has a dedicated minute taker on its staff who will attend every meeting and who will compile a list of action points arising from the meeting for distribution in a timely fashion.