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selfinsurancemarket.com provides information to current and future self-insurers in an easy to follow format, as well as providing listings of the service providers who are able to assist companies who wish to become self-insured.

Our unique Business Inquiry and Provider Search facilities allow companies seeking a self-insurance solution or professional firms seeking partners to direct business inquiries to self-insurance service providers who can then respond directly to the inquirer. 

Our team

Dominic Higham

Dominic Higham

Founder and Chief Executive

Previously a Lloyd’s reinsurance broker, Dominic left Lloyd’s in 2002 to found PatientChoice Ltd as a new affordable approach to private medical insurance in the UK known as Hospital Treatment Plans (HTPs). HTPs offer fixed benefits to people requiring an operation or a medical procedure allowing them to choose treatments of private care. He was the named underwriter on delegated underwriting facilities for several insurance companies including Munich Re, Legal and General and Foresters Friendly Society. PatientChoice was the recipient of several industry awards and acquired in March 2011 by Westfield Health. He founded MediCheque Cash Plans Limited in March 2012 launching MyRecoveryCheque in the UK in February 2013.

“As a former reinsurance broker, I understand the challenges often faced by both buyers and industry professionals when seeking partners for insurance programs and how important business relationships and contacts can be.

Working in the insurance sector, I frequently come across industry professionals seeking new business partners for their client’s risks. These partners might include reinsurers, stop-loss providers, actuaries or front companies. The traditional approach is to send out inquiries to companies individually or to go and see them which takes time.

Establishing new relationships is a fundamental part of doing business but initiating them in the traditional manner can take time. Our aim is to provide a service which makes it easy for both companies seeking self-insurance solutions as well as industry professionals to source appropriate business partners and to make new contacts.

Our search facilities allow anyone to search for companies by type of self-insurance, category and the geographic area where services are sought and then send make contact directly to their chosen partners.”

Andrew Briant

Andrew Briant


Andrew is a former Lloyd’s underwriter and is Managing Director of Compass Underwriting Limited, a leading accident and health underwriting agency, Lloyd’s Coverholder and international insurance broker. 

What is Self-Insurance?

There are many forms of self-insurance but all have a consistent quality. Self-insurance involves a formal decision to retain risk rather than pass it to insurers. Whilst the end objective is to save premium and to enhance a company's financial performance, self-insurance differs from standard insurance programs in that it involves a company adopting many of the functions of an insurance company.

Self-insurance requires a company to have a much greater awareness and incentive to improve its claims experience, with the aim of passing the savings back to the company as well as making the workplace safer and more productive. selfinsurancemarket.com provides information for companies that are seeking to set up self-insurance vehicles, such as self-insured funds and trusts, as well as for larger companies and groups that wish to create their own insurance structure.

Who should use this site

selfinsurancemarket.com provides an introduction to the most popular forms of self-insurance, with information for companies that wish to self-insure for the first time, or for people wishing to understand the concept of self-insurance. Whilst self-insurance is a seemingly complex world, there are many service providers that are able to advise self-insurers using approaches that have already been adopted by many companies.

Each of our guides is intended to provide information about initiating a self-insurance program. The site allows you to either submit a business inquiry or search for providers and then make contact with them.

selfinsurancemarket.com is also designed to be a useful tool to service providers themselves, who require interaction with other service providers in order to create or manage a client's self-insurance program. 

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