Midwest Employers Casualty Company


Midwest Employers Casualty Company, through service innovations, assists self-insured and reinsurance clients achieve best practice results in their workers' compensation programs.

Company Details


  • Member of the W.R. Berkley Corporation
  • A.M. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
  • Financial Size Category XV (2 billion or more)
  • Provider of cost reducing services to lower the client's Total Cost Of Risk

Our Mission

Midwest Employers Casualty Company’s (MECC) goal is to be the nation’s premier workers’ compensation excess insurance carrier. In addition, to offering quality excess insurance to employers and insurance companies, MECC is committed to helping policyholders reduce their total cost of risk.

Company Description

Since its formation in 1986, MECC has focused exclusively on providing workers’ compensation excess insurance products to individual employers and groups nationwide.

In addition to providing customized insurance coverage, MECC has strategically invested in effective preventive and post-injury tools and resources that allow policyholders to take greater control of their workers’ compensation costs. Combining unique services with customized coverage adds value beyond the standard workers’ compensation excess insurance policy and enhances client loyalty throughout the market cycle.

How Midwest Employers Casualty Company Is Different

MECC’s differentiator is in how MECC helps employers manage their total cost of risk. For years, employers, agents and insurance companies have often treated the purchase of excess of loss coverage as just another financial transaction. Success or failure of any insurance renewal is based on how much more or less the insured pays in the insurance transaction. This mind-set has historically failed all parties involved, resulting in cyclical swings in insurance availability and cost. We have created a series of tools that enable employers to significantly reduce their overall program costs – not through the insurance transaction, but by managing losses more effectively.

 MECC is the only excess workers’ compensation insurance carrier using innovative, predictive analytical tools that can identify potentially high cost claims early enough to take action within the policyholder’s layer. MECC’s innovative approach to managing migratory and catastrophic injury claims helps policyholders save money, while producing the best outcome for injured employees.

 Our clients know that we will be there when unforeseen losses occur and have come to rely upon MECC as a valuable business partner that provides the tools and technology they need to operate and manage a successful workers’ compensation program on an ongoing basis. MECC is not only financially strong, but committed to delivering quality products and services to the marketplace.


MECC distributes its insurance products and effective solutions through a nationwide agency network. MECC works best with agents that focus on helping their clients lower their total cost of risk. By helping agents attend to both the coverage needs and loss reducing objectives of their clients, MECC helps differentiate agent partners from those that just sell price. MECC supports its agency network through a field sales support team. Our sales professionals work with agents to tailor coverage and services to the specific needs of each client.

Location: Chesterfield, MO, United States

Types of Insurance

Self-Insured Workers Compensation (USA):

  • Stop-Loss Insurance Services