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Medical Recovery Insurance : A new Protection Product for Insurance Companies and MGA's

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  • Medical Recovery Insuirance

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MediCheque Cash Plans Ltd is a UK based consulting company and managing general agency that has pioneered a new type of insurance protection for the global accident and health insurance markets known as Medical Recovery Insurance.

Unlike traditional hospital cash plans which pay benefits according to the number of nights spent in hospital, our policies pay benefits that are linked to the normal expected recovery time of an operation or medical procedure. 

Not to be confused with private medical insurance, our plans can be offered to individuals who use either social or private healthcare and are designed to help fund out of pocket expenses and time off work after an operation.

Our plans can be sold alongside other insurance products and are designed to add value to your business, offer a valuable benefit to your policyholders, increase your revenues and differentiate your product suite from other insurance providers.

We offer a full white-label implementation service which includes policy design, pricing, risk-transfer, underwriting and claims guidelines.


Medical Recovery Insurance is a new type of insurance protection. Not to be confused with private medical insurance, our plans provide budgets of money designed to alleviate the out of pocket costs of undergoing an operation or a medical procedure, whether the procedure is performed in the state sector or privately.

Benefits are provided according to the normal expected recovery time of a medical procedure and have been based on research and consensus guidelines in conjunction with Working Fit Ltd, a UK based consultant-led independent provider of advice on occupational health.

In developing the product, the company has based its research on OPCS Classification of Interventions and Procedures. OPCS is a procedural classification for the coding of operations, procedures and interventions performed during in-patient stays, day case surgery and some out- patient attendances in the UK.