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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE – INSURANCE FOCUS As an accomplished Risk Management Executive and CEO/President offering extensive experience leading the development and management of self-insurance and captive insurance programs.

Location: Marietta, GA, USA

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As an accomplished Risk Management Executive and CEO/President offering extensive experience leading the development and management of self insurance and captive insurance programs, I am confident that I would make an excellent addition to your organization.


My risk management practice is based on Pareto’s 85 and 15 rule. Cost of risk is 85% structure and funding and 15% claims management and loss control. If you improve the structure and funding 20% the total cost lowers by 17% .If you improve the loss control and claims administration by 20% then you reduce the cost of risk by only 3%. Further, as you improve the 85% the other 15% benefits and improves but when you improve the 15% directly there is no reciprocal improvement in the remaining 85%. The focus then is on structure and funding to lower cost of risk effectively. As this improves the claim administration and loss control will benefit and increase in effectiveness. This is what I know and do.


Captive experience practiced while acting as captive manager and alternate risk director for Pro Assurance and later for Venture Captive Management. This taught me structure and funding using alternative risk structures and tools in four different domiciles for twenty five plus clients.


My role as President of Bestvan Consultancy illustrates another level of effectiveness that I would bring to this position. Exercising superior subject matter expertise and industry insight, I have been able to provide guidance and direction to employers seeking to reduce the costs of their benefits programs while improving benefits offered.


The risk management process follows. Begin by reducing the cost of the employee health benefit plan that covers your employees and improve the benefit provided them. Using my ACA compliant model expect a cost reduction with better benefits of $4,000 or more per employee per year.


At the same time review and audit the property and casualty program, clean up any gaps or duplications and prepare a RFP. I have over five years of experience in insurance consulting and have perfected a unique bidding process that insures optimum outcomes for you when purchasing primary insurance.


Workers compensation will be reviewed examined and audited to improve performance and outcomes. There are many places where WC costs are impacted by error and misinformation. These can all be identified if they exist and corrected. 


Legal background provides the context to properly understand and respond to contract and exposures created or attached and my risk management practice experience empowers me to provide workable solutions for these obligations as they occur.


I can take your risk and make it a profit center for your business.Would you like to learn more?