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At its founding in 1989, Excess Reinsurance was one of the pioneers of the self funded medical benefits industry.

Location: Woodbury, NJ , United States

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Employee Benefit Trusts:

  • Stop-Loss Insurance Services
  • Large Case Management

Company Details

More than twenty years in the industry has given us the wisdom and experience that only comes with age.  As one of the nation’s longest-standing managing general underwriters, Excess Reinsurance is one of the most reliable and respected players in the stop loss marketplace.

Our product offerings include traditional specific and aggregate stop loss insurance, aggregate only stop loss policies, HMO and excess of loss insurance, and a unique voluntary benefits product.

Excess Re also assists clients in developing innovative solutions to their insurance needs through its affiliation with Argo Capital Group, Ltd.  Our partnership with Quantum Care gives our clients access to medical management solutions to address escalating catastrophic claims.


From its roots providing stop loss medical insurance, Excess Reinsurance has expanded to offer other products including HMO Reinsurance and Medical Excess Reinsurance, aggregate only stop loss policies (our CAP product), and a unique voluntary benefits products.

In addition to these product offerings, Excess Reinsurance also provides a variety of services to its clients.  Our affiliation with Argo Capital Group, Ltd., a Bermuda captive segregated cell company, gives our clients access to unique captive solutions.  Excess Reinsurance offers reinsurance, underwriting and claims adjudication support to insurance companies and health plans seeking to develop their reach in the self insured marketplace.  Excess Reinsurance’s actuarial department helps clients develop appropriate risk strategies and assists clients with the regulatory hurdles faced by associations and clients creating captive solutions.

Though our products and services may change, our core founding principles remain the same: 

  • Stability ●    Integrity          ●    Innovation          ●    Quality Service