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A nationally recognized third party administrator specializing in: - Self funded medical, dental, vision - Self funded workers' compensation - Self funded general liability - Government contractor fringe benefit administration - Multi-employer

Location: Greenville, SC, USA

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Employee Benefit Trusts:

  • Third Party Administrators

Self-Insured Retentions (Liability):

  • Third Party Administrators

Self-Insured Workers Compensation (USA):

  • Third Party Administrators

Company Details

In business since 1923.  

  • Entire team trained in the unique requirements of benefit administration and compliance
  • Labor and ERISA attorneys who specialize in getting answers
  • Business in all 50 states providing service to over 40 clients
  • Exclusive technology (BSINow) engineered specifically for the diverse needs of our clients
  • An independent organization not exclusive to a major carrier
  • Stellar client service
  • Full accounting and audit support

BSI Third Party Administration Services and
Integrated Holistic Strategy

  • Reporting: Reporting can be customized to an employer’s specific requirements. Or, the employer may select various stock reports from our database.
  • Compliance Updates: The BSI team stays up to date on DOL wage and hour laws, regulations and compliance related issues for the employer.
  • Employee Documentation Support: Our team is happy to provide employees with documentation they request on claims management.
  • Wellness Programs: Prevent claims before they occur.
  • Claims Management: Mitigate the cost of claims when they do occur.
  • Employ Post-loss Risk Management Strategies: To continue to positively impact our clients' financial health.

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