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Location: Chicago, IL, United States

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Company Details

Aegis Administrative Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Owned and operated by Geri Ann Cangelosi.

Aegis has a combined total of 50 + years in Health Care and Healthcare Administration. We have healthcare cost containment solutions for individuals, associations, unions etc.

In today's economy, with medical costs rising, both on, the premium and claims side, the staff at Aegis has been very successful in keeping plan sponsors and employees satisfied by being able to maintain a good balance of premium contributions and claims costs.

Having a very dedicated staff of Health Insurance and Administrative Professionals, we at Aegis pride ourselves on our attentive and caring customer support team. Our staff continuously works with the plan sponsor, from plan design, reinsurance, unique cost containment products/services, implementation and day to day customer service.

Professional Services that are offered:

Business Planning and Requirements

1. Technical and Business Consulting
2. Implementation and training
3. Per member, per month pricing arrangements
4. Worry free system administration
5. Administrative Services
6. Unique cost containment products & strategies for self insured funds

Aegis also offers a large variety of other products & services that can be utilized with your existing Health Plans, whether it is for a self-insured plan, limited benefit, fully insured or discount health plans.