Membership Information - Member Benefits and Charges

Member Benefits

Create a unique Company Profile for your business

Membership allows your company to create a professional looking profile with a link to your site. Your profile will contain a summary as well as a description of your business and can be constantly updated for optimizing customer reach and increased visibility.

You can register in a maximum of one category per class of self-insurance. If you are active in more than one category then you can contact us and we will at our discretion add the additional category for the class in which you have registered at no extra charge.  

Appear in our Provider Search Facilities

Visitors to the site can search for companies by the geographic area of the required services, by class of self-insurance and the category of the service provider that they require. There are over 40 types of category shown on the site. 

Full use of our Business Inquiry Service for you and your colleagues

This is a unique facility designed to assist you and your team whenever you are seeking providers such as insurers, fronting companies, stop-loss providers or any other type of partner which are required to create a self-insurance program for a client.

All member companies and their employees can use this service. Alerts are sent to all members whenever a business inquiry is submitted at the site.

All member companies and their employees can respond to business inquiries submitted to the site. This may include inquiries submitted from companies seeking self-insurance solutions for their own businesses.

Whilst any visitor to the site can see summaries of submitted inquiries, only members can log-in to see more detail and respond to the inquirer. 

Use our Risk Transfer Initial Inquiry Service

Our risk transfer initial inquiry service is available exclusively to service provider members and their colleagues seeking insurance and reinsurance solutions for their clients.

The service is designed to allow member companies and their employees to source insurers, managing general underwriters and reinsurers, saving them time by providing initial information which will allow risk transfer providers to respond if they can help.

Membership Charges

There is an annual membership fee of $750 for each class of self-insurance that you register in.

To download a copy of our membership brochure please click here

To see our membership terms please go to Membership Terms