• Welcome on board!
    21 Nov 2018

    We are happy to announce that the selfinsurancemarket “family” is growing fast and has now reached 78 companies!

  • An invitation to join selfinsurancemarket.com
    19 Nov 2018

    If your company provides professional services to the self-insurance market, why not join us today and help expand your marketing reach

  • SIM: connecting the right people
    18 Oct 2018

    On the 24th of September, a brand new version of selfInsurancemarket.com was launched.

  • Self Insurance Market - Updated and Upgraded
    23 Sep 2018

    The relaunch of SelfInsuranceMarket.com was made official in Austin, Texas, at the world’s largest event focused exclusively on the self-insurance/captive insurance marketplace.

  • iXledger partners with online info hub on self-insurance marketplace
    20 Apr 2018

    iXledger, a London-based blockchain InsurTech start-up and Gen Re collaborator, has partnered with online information hub Self Insurance Market to develop a marketplace for the growing self-insurance risk management sector.